Artisan Wild Game from Spain's Highlands.

Partridge paté was originally created by an Andalusian family 40 years ago.
They obtained a product often imitated but never equalised.

Given its success, they continued creating and experimenting with different flavours until they obtained the venison paté, which is as good as the partridge one. Both share the powerful aroma and essence of the Andalusian highlands.

Marinated partridge is a unique recipe in Spain that founds its roots also in the Andalusian highlands. The red partridge, known worldwide, is prepared in a mild marinade to keep all their flavor and texture.

It tastes delicious over a green salad, accompanied with red peppers or just over a piece of bread, topped with virgin olive oil.

Artisan wils games

Marinated Partridge.
Venison pate.
Partridge pate

Fresh Fruit Pearls 55 grams
Andalusian Regañas 35 grams

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100 grs
NUTRITIONAL VALUES Marinated partridge Partridge pate Venison pate Fresh Pearls Andalusian Regañas
Energy value kcal 209,6 304 304 28,6 386,9
Energy value kjul 874,8 1298 1298 121,3
Fats grs 12,6 28,9 28,9 1,7
Saturated grs 2,1 10,3 10,3
Carbohydrates grs 0,7 1 1 3,5 82
azucares grs 0,6 1 1 2,5
Dietary fibre grs 0,5 <01 <01 1,2
Proteins grs 23,6 10,1 10,1 3,3 10,3
Sodium grs 0,5 1,9 1,9 4,55

Alergy Warnings: Andalusian Regañas contains gluten.