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Delicacies from the sea

Delicacies from the Seas

cured iberico pork

Cured Iberico Pork

Artisan wild game

Artisan Wild Game

Villavicencio Premium Foods offers a significant representation of some basics in the Mediterranean Diet.

Our catalogue is filled in with products coming from our seas, highlands and fields, from cold cuts to anchovies. All of them can be taken on their own or in combination with others, as a snack or light meal or combined into a gourmet tasty experience.

We not only care about the taste, but also about quality. Villavicencio foods stand out for their extreme high quality. Also, we believe in the artisan processes of selecting and treating our products to get the best results: our purveyors use traditional hand-made techniques to obtain exclusive tastes and textures. All the artisans and producers we work with take care and pamper themselves their products.

All our products are gluten free, except our Picos and Regañás.