Delicacies from the Seas of Spain

We select the highest calibre of bocarte/anchovy fished at dawn in the Cantabrian Sea during the months of April and May, which is  the time when fish reaches its maximum quality for the salting  process.

Our anchovies will then be cleaned and hand cut into small mouth-watering fillets. These will go through a slow process of salted.

A very small and limited amount of this rich in Omega 3 fish is produced, given its slow hand-made making process.

Delicacies from the seas

We have selected the best from the best anchovies that can be found in the most traditional and reputed companies in the province of Cantabria, North of Spain, close to the Cantábrico Sea.

Delicacies from the seas

Swordfish, salmon and tuna fish are individually line-caught in the Mediterranean Sea and in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

A family of expert fishers from the south-east of Spain treat the fish with traditional techniques passed from generation to generation.

Both salmon and tuna are gently smoked with oak chips, just as soon as it is caught and, sometimes, using different kinds of woods, depending on the flavour we want to achieve.


Anchovies 120 cc. 8 fillets.
Smoked Salmon & Tuna skewers. 300 cc. 5 skewers
Smoked Sword Fish. 100 grams.

Virgin Olive Oil Pearls 55 grams
Andalusian Regañas 35 grams

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100 grs          
NUTRITIONAL VALUES Anchovies Salmon & Tuna Skewers Sword fish AOVE Andalusian Regañas
Energy value kcal 210,0 317,0 205,0 765,0 386,9
Energy value kjul 850,0 1.315,0 854,0 3.243,0  
Fats grs 9,7 24,0 12,0 85,0 1,7
Saturated grs <1 11,0 2,0 12,2  
Polynsaturated grs <1  
Carbohydrates grs <1 <1 2,0 0,0 82,0
Glucides grs <1 <1 <1  
Dietary fibre grs 1,2
Proteins grs 28,9 24,0 23,0 0,9 10,3
Salt grs 7,0 5,0 7,0 0,1  

Alergy Warnings: Salmon & tuna Skewers contains milk and its derivatives. Andalusian Regañas contains gluten.