About us

Our origins

Villavicencio is a Spanish company that aims to bring you the finest version of Spanish gastronomy in its new premium concept of classic tapas.

Based in Madrid, but with its roots in Andalusia, Villavicencio works only with local purveyors distributed all around Spain. We are approaching the European countries and we expect to enter new markets in the future.

Villavicencio Premium Foods’ relation with delicate cooking comes from afar. Since more than a century ago, House of Villavicencio was well known because of its remarkable interest in gastronomy.

For ages, members of the family cared about offering delicious and elegant luncheons to the people coming to visit. It was all about experimenting and tasting new flavours, for which they assured to have the best foods and producers.

Lorenzo Fernández de Villavicencio, VI Duke of Sanseverino, III Marquis of Genal and current inheritor of the House, found a huge archive of recipes and purveyors at Villavicencio’s palace in Jerez de la Frontera (Andalusia, Spain).

He decided it was time to recover all that expertise and know-how in order to invite whoever aiming to enjoy it, to share this new gastronomic experience:

an adventure through the products and house specialities under its brand Villavicencio.

Our origins